Real Phasers=-^<wMw>^=-New Electrons
This is your Ruhn
MinorPhaserBurns.FusionRuhn Cartoons

FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurns--MicroCosmic Orbit in one easy purge

FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurns*Arm your light. Its your only remaining right. FusionRuhn--Anarchy for the witless dunderheap; stricture for the master jargoneer. You best to stand clear.

FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurns.....The OMEGATRON will see you now


FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurns It's zero-hour; do you know where your backbrain is?

We've got your back--FusionRuhn

what can your sperm do?

Keep your third eye on the Omegetron
here's what we're fighting for...

In 2012 Berzerkomandor will use the transit of Venus reach Mercury and breach it with a partical beam to stabilize the Sun with dark matter and reinitialize the timespace system. Then rainbows will be everywhere and you'll be happy. Berzerkomand acknowledges your reclamation.

Now we see but through a glass darkly...


Lion's Pride