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FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurnsGrace Through Cannibalism

by Mathais Amer Thursday, Oct. 26, 2006

THE QUEST FOR BLAMELESSNESS IN THE PRESENT COMPORTMENT OF WORLD WAR; THE INVERSE ORION PARADIGM Anti-matter Tomahawk observer effect in action. The puppeteering of political confusion in the service of innocuousness within the underlying propaganda lattice that interfaces shadow memes echoes the reverberation of the last alarm of civilization

Grace Through Cannibalism: The Fever Pitch of Desperation and the Return to Orion ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
In the last days, the meaning will be revealed. The direction of human thought and works will be gathered from the globe and made a confluence. The implications for redefining our being as aspecies and therefore the final provision of anti-specious essence concentrate will ooze from pore nebulae in mimic of manna. Hate must be conserved. Pure war and resilient hatred must return to the radiant heat of the classical antagonisms. Middling tiffs such as prudishness or gang warfare will be over shone by the new sun of rage against the machine of static normality. Politics is obsolete; the media is defunct; the dollar is hollow; childhood is extinct. But Jesus still saves. The heinousity of the obsolescence, the cavernous hollowness, the perniciousness of the defunctitude and the totality of the extinction are of no end. But, salvation abides everlasting grace. It is this grace that is at hand in the contemporary orientation of World War. Blamelessness evaporates for lack of grace. The bitterness of the base oscillations of vapid escalating violence in fratricidal confrontation, many times over removed from the face to face recognition of the brothers grim themselves, is running into a syrupy sewage of indifference. Schizoid cascade failures vomit minds from skulls atrophied and bloated from the breakdown of communicative pretence which had hid the dilapidated ghost culture that masqueraded as common polity, send seizures into the hurricane-addled world of chuckle-headed ninnies and witless dunder-heaps standing in for the nationalities of mankind to produce a baseline ignorance heretofore unglimpsed. In light of the recent unhinging of sane comportment in diplomatic effort and the casting of political organization in throughout the common era as wastes of time, as is society in general-- there is beckoned a distinct question of history: why have all the wars and all of what passes for nodes in human events transpired in a shattered and wretched manner so as to render inspiration a casualty and arrogance hallowed? D-Day, 1812, everything that ever happened in Russia, Civil Rights, The missions to Mars, The Cleveland Browns… failure after horrendous inexplicable retrograded failure. Fear jerks the locomotive into a hot pitch. Fear ruins war efforts despite logistical strength. Troops are committed in poor conglomeration. Hitler and the Germans accomplished in Russia none other than the galvanizing of the Red regime—resuscitated Stalin and established a Stalinist credo where there wasn't any for practical purposes; the front was unresponsive along the entire western frontier of the bloc—and in contradiction to propaganda and defiance of the periodical depiction of the Soviet Union as a rotted imp, the USSR manifested a rally featuring the best troops fielded in WWII along with more advanced tank armory, resilience surpassing any other rival the Nazis had tested, and leaders whose power systems had a gear missing from the new Reich's arsenal. The advancing Germans ultimately did away with the taint weight of the more doubtful carriers of the Bolshevik cause in their initial advance's killings. The corrosive effects of Poland were redirected west away from the center of the Revolutionary patriots. In prioritizing the Ukrainian theater as a breadbasket and a resource—ingoting ending up defamed among Ukrainians whereas they could have been heroes in comparison to Russia; in coveting the Romanian oil fields, to present vulnerabilities in occupation to attack, the onslaught was deflected; sacrificing allies in Serbia as in the Ukraine. When it ground to a deadlock before winter even began, the morale of the forces and the sanity of the generals catering Hitler's Plan, decompiled in a meltdown of morale, as the myth of invulnerability vanished, at the same time as the inflation and the overbearance of the propaganda that had fueled the movement of European resistance to communism showed through and at that juncture, there was no turning back. The "few feathers" Mussolini wished Germany to lose (Rise and Fall of the Third Reich et al…), in a war handcuffing the latter Axis partner were meted out in a horrendous extreme of any worst scenario most anticipated. The rest of the war was then necessitated, and America rushed into a temporal boon from a position now fated to win the ultimate peace to close the world war. The antithesising of the Russian power then proceeded in a reassertion of doctrinal affirmation, in a renewed attempt to replace the Axis and burn- off the competing economic juggernaut. When Russia burst in the late 1990's and the country splintered into mafia gripped desperation, America congratulated itself. Of course it bore no responsibility and was exempt from bailing out the crash of the enemy economy; by a cowardice of denying the humanity of the demonized Russian nation and continuing the hijacked supposed extremist resistance replaced at the other pole of power, the personages derided as nazi fascists, the U.S. benefited by an undue renewal of relevance for its federal level; an empire was legitimatized. The only thing to come out of the first world war, the erstwhile League of Nations diluted into U.N. entity was an organ to provide legitimacy to international establishments, and it enabled to invention of a plausible separate ally state—the nation of Israel, placed in the position forcibly evacuated by Germany; the Axis. Israel has always been billed as the only democratic state firm in mutual good tidings with the U.S.A. In short order, the distinction of targeting women and children and caustic regard for civilian presence—a touted synonym for Terrorists, which justified the pursuit of traditional war for traditional values, has been invalidated. Israel is now knifed as a rogue terrorist state in increasing media elements of popular import, such as BET news reports… The bombastic arrogance of the intransigent Israeli mouthpiece, taking prisoners they liken to feral overspills of Arab strays, removed from the locale of their actual import as civil servicemen and public figures in patent illegal arrests—and their bristling assumption of moral high ground—was the pretext for the demonstrative capture of a single troop. An exchange of prisoners will never proceed until the purposes of defamation and the obliteration of true identity are elucidated. If the morale boost affected by the emphatic rescue of a private in a blitzkrieg during the formative stages of the American occupational deployment in Iraq was the desired outcome, it was a miscalculation. Taking prisoners wholesale, rewriting the first rule of warfare itself, resulted in casualties in the "rescue attempt" forthcoming. The Ohlmert crew, whoever exactly they may be, those hijacking Israel, deemed thus the firm commitment to a slippery slope and the embarkment on a perilous course thereabout. The sudden bombardment to target the ostensible stockpiles of rockets (confiscation of arms by military administration being relegated a blasé afterthought ) decayed into a whack-a-mole game that stated a goal of destroying 60% of the total rocket arsenal of the enemy. Collateral damage was stockpiled as the Sabra soldiers went about the pinpoint strafes that obliterated the country of Lebanon until the callous ultimatum of arousing rebuke from world public opinion was reached. That leaves 40% of evidently a large arsenal, which somehow was a surprise that somehow was located and determined to contain no nuclear warhead which could ignite a dirty situation. At the point of cease-fire, a point of negligible solace, the rest of the fighters and their weapons were able to make their foray into bloodying Israel in return. If the analogy holds, justice requires extensive retaliation. The Israelis committed troops and fielded their forces to put boots (or flip-flops) on the ground on the northern frontier, insisting there was no desire for occupation. Only, one supposes, a sensible measure of insulation for the continuous pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem and the safeguarding of the purposes of the Judaic religion, what ever they are. But following a targeting of U.N. peacekeepers in a regretted but insisted accidental bombing of the U.N. position which was still unavoidable despite more than 20 near misses of the nontarget… the call from Israel is for the deployment of an international peacekeeping force to shield the border for the Jewish state. The forces were requested of nations of Europe and Allies in the War on Terror, which although stretched to man several blooming battlefields across the middle east are expected to lend their troops, praised in fulsome bravado by Israeli officers for their excellence in military training and professionalism. Germany declined stipulating that they would send Germans only if Hezbollah requested their presence as well. Hezbollah is the only entity defending Lebanon in any capacity, for the government of Lebanon will not take action to reign in terrorists on their own accord, a legitimate sore point, but the circumstances none the less. The militants are galvanized anew. Much diminished is the extent to which outrage might be cultivated for potential Jewish deaths. If only the Holocaust could have been prevented and Zionism legitimized by the sole motivation of the realization of the kibbutz utopia alone... Why is Israel destroying the caches of shoulder mounted rocket launchers, anyway? If this is a matter of security in the long term for citizens of the Jewish State, why not capture the weapons instead of wasting them. Let's take it from the shoulders--give me one of those things... All I got is this generic tollis with Manishevitz stains. Their keffiya scarves, whereas, have badass patterns. Something is amiss. As the tables now turn the former lone superpower is a surrounded wolf and the Israeli dog is now at odds with the agenda. The war on terror, staged to unpin the Arabs on the middle eastern junction, as it turned out, saw no further attacks in the continental U.S., of the sort which were the pretext for the launch of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Philippines, Korea and every other theater of minor war the country has visited in its time in charge of the world police mob. Why was the administration unable to prosecute its strategy of democratization and normalization in the Mideast? Not because of inherent flaws in the Bush conceptualization of the supposed problem and threat from muslim militants to American soil and soul. The whole effort was pocked and torn by Israel; the Jews that serve as the lightening rod for Islam's supposed holy war (Islam, a corrupted faith, enjoys new prestige unseen since… not since Crusade times…) the Jews who have favored Israel and seem to control the agencies of government and information—the pitiful American bureaucracy manned in actuality by impish stand-ins who do the work of logistics and survey that are beyond the Yankee scope of attention somehow—these ready made scapegoats fitted with the mantle of the sacrificial by association with a credo of religious pretense will absorb the wrath of Americans who are poorer and whose lives have been interrupted with Iraq for no apparent gain… and in reality only a tenuous advance in angle over the oil market… The original problem remains unsolved: to retain a static state of relative opulence and tranquility—a complete lie, un-remarked—portions of the world stockholders in the 'competitive markets' of capitalist commerce must be robbed to account for the idleness of the presiding junta of moneyed men. No one is willing to take this hit anymore, and the reward for compliance is not even presented clearly—its hollow and all are trapped in the bubble. Unrepentant dupes will grab their bible at last to see if new instructions can be had. They are wont now to skip to end of the provided canon; the schizoid Revelations account which bounds the whole story; it matches the descriptions perfectly, and even reflects the tempo and pitch of the world, so unlike the rest of the quaint text. The fact of the truncation of contemporary life and identity is disguised to allow the criminal prosecutors time to escape; the nonsensical tone that is ascribed a cloak of mystery inherent in this afterthought at the end-times. The master author has reintroduced propaganda for modern cannibalism. Grace is real, even in propaganda; grace through cannibalism. Honesty will be relegated to a flyspeck and distraction will be plentiful. Armageddon anyone? Anybody for Armageddon in Lebanon? Come on… ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ By Mathais Amer __--==-^--^-==--__ http://www.minorphaserburns.blogspot.com Solomonad@Gmail.com Lost in Cleveland (see also by same author in archives-- "Point of Origin: Dark Rain Hyperstrike")