Its the
spider vibe and you can't fight it
beyond radioactive
I spiked the lightening
despite venom and dillema and divine intervention
Enemies lie metalized with plugs of neodymium
spontaneous contusion inside a niggers rib cage
when I take the stage Berzerkomand goes on a rampage
true rage take a splinter of hard wood
Anaconda assassin ninja with a head wound

Collateral obliteration, RuhnKult
the new Zen

Back from the underground to take back my land

This is the scion of Solomon
I just rule
and I'm from Cleveland fool
Anaconda Assasin Berzerkomand
and if you ever were my rival now your buried in sand
I pass judgement like it was platters of ham

Faraday, Farakahn, Shotgun Hytclan

Stark fist of removal
Mercural in nature
with the powers of Neptune Jehovah and Krishna
The resolution is carried
I still hate ya (sic)

Its show time
'watch the spot light shine
Bus you up like Bettis at the goal line
that one time

I gots my targeting scanners locked
Like I was Sisko
And you was Gul Dukat

You thought that we were ashes gone all these years
Now my squad be coming through like we were bomabadiers
\snapping bones like twigs old skool like the Senate wearing powdered wigs Bhodisava in nature with a shockti of rage I won't let up until I rattle the cage Officer? Take a seat in the rear You've just been notified your car's been comandeered Its a new battle in the midst of the seige We might just make it mandatory that you all smoke weed.

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