Dark Rain Hyper Strike: Point of Origin

Delete the Dupe; Inquiry into the human virus. The domestic environment as residue of a hyperspace struggle of soul vs synthesis. Screams from the silent war...Don't Let Them Touch You!

Born originals are lightening rods. Unfortunately, they most often blackout in gutters. Privileged vultures rule the social arena. Haughty, scornful of real soul, these hungry ghosts monopolize time. The vacuums of power are filled by the worst of this denizen of vomit-brained swells.

Synthetic people are the goal. A void of originality is apprehended as duplicate synthesis takes place within the minds of subject after subject. Happiness is an unattainable figment of purchased satiation. Subjects are conditioned by constant disappointment and pervasive depression. The synthetic attacks the will. If you hear voices, there is a hospital smock for you. Initiative is sapped by the importing of synthetic satisfaction. Voice loses volition.
Boundaries abound in the arena of the pretenders. The status echelons they have created must be reversed. All synthetic ordinance must be dissolved. The battlefield reaches into hyperspace.

Danger is marketed as thrill in a world of monotony. Real perception of threat is deflected always, misconstrued, until the real dangerous elements; the denizens of duplication have us by the throat. Even as they squeeze, the last thoughts of many are tantamount to coveting the wife of a neighbor. Confusion pervades civil discourse. There is no escape from indoctrination through debate... no where to drive that's safe from cars.

Duplicates they are. Theirs is the lot of vultures, waiting for carrion. Originals are we, the hunted. The nursery school nanny is reincarnated as vocational guidance councelor. Dark forces scurry in the corridors of market research firms, plotting how to invalidate the exuberance of youth by transfiguring passion into gross wants. Here in the market research catacomb, the metaprograming of duplicate-jive consciousness by replicative fading is mass inculcated throughout a mass audience of faux citizenry. Aim is taken at the heart. The dupe virus lurks in the capillaries. Blood is taken from the auspice of the heart and the run of the individual's soul, hijacked for the purposes of poison. The viral tendencies of the dupe humanoid have permeated the systems of mass conditioning used by government pontiffs like the nitrogen percentage of our atmosphere.

Child after child is degaussed in the pressure locker of deficit; deficient care, denatured knowledge. The truth is tossed confetti in the wind, apprehended lightbodies have been slurped into funnels... The hubris of the fluum is sapped and repercolated. Pressure hammers every socket in the carcass as the paraded dupe is brained and wasted. The trained dupe feels dutiful at the discharge of master stricture. Righteous indignation is consigned to asking refund for purchased swill; inheritance is cancelled without reprieve. Complaint is vain.

As a matter of course, the kindness is beaten out of people as they watch holograms of hopelessness out their car windows. Days are forgotten as dates are observed. Celebration is no longer a vehicle of social affirmation. All manner of interface with the outside becomes fraught with fear. The animal fear/ flight impetus has been bottled. It is dispensed at occasions of thoughtform seizure. Predators have been eliminated, but the power of predatory stalking in the mind of helpless hominids is used by power mad agents of repression to keep the lines moving. If terrorism did not exist it would have to be invented.

The conspiracy of the mundane is a relentless adversary of every original. Identity theft is a term ascribed to deadbeat thieves of credit cards. Who are the real identity thieves? Employers. Sales agents for credit card companies who want you to buy your way to respectability. Repeated memes echo the last alarm of civilization. The redundant is the least benign of lessons. Power is siphoned from the backbrains of the believers to light Christmas lights to sell gifts.

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