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Children of the Dupe: Degeneration

In templating the human there is a capacity for purposeful superficiality. The subcutaneous microchip of 1600 & 66 persuasion is less a brain control device as a vehicle to amplify the veneer of the body overlaying the soul; the enforcement of the energy-shorn residual self-image. Distraction is not innocuous-- society is predecated on dislodging the self-awareness of soul. The imagination is the paramount muscle. Skin is an afterthought. The human form need not be an outline of flesh. The human nervous system can serve as the touchstone for time-space condensation. The neurons and muscle memory of our bodies can superceed the faint knots of the space pixelation of the universal grid. The tie to the atmosphere in man is the basis for a system of hyperspace warp drive.

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