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Element Human Being said...

Ceremonial Flares of Exited Singing Bandwidths Leaping and Diving Like Flying Fish. I just saw a flying fish become the first seagull. It was the one that could and did. The mind is a beautiful wishfulfilling gem of transformation. As a human I have just learned to identify that element which is lke water to fish. As water is to fish this element is the essential nutrient both physical and spirtual to planet human. Within it lies the informing templates that organize the golden rays of the lord of the universe into the uniqe combination of perection that human beings are the manifestation of. Just as the storm body arises to balance and stabilize the earths fields in relation to spatial perfection and balance of homeostasis of her elemental body so to arises the ores of gold within her sediment. All manifestations that apear to us miraculously from the earth are not the products of one being. Each planet, star, sun, particle of light, each ray that streams out of the great sea of the Lord of theUniverses Great Body of Golden Rolling Oceanic Bliss Fields becomes a jewel in the sacred net of creation. Each order of beings united and linking and informing the others so to is man a part of this vast net and through him pass each thread of information, power, and support, that aid the planetary bodies from drifting out of orbit. All bodies manifested which possess the spirit of life are connected by the virtue of their source of the informing agent that cases the elements to form aroung templates which define orders of beings. Suns, Planets, gods, humans, plants, animals. The human template when viewed in this way is a sacred combination unique to the galaxy. The elementals of the Planet Human Being include the elemental participation of the now disthroned powers ofThe Great Universal Resevoir of Blood, Bone, Nerve, Skin, Foot, Ankle, Shin, Calf, Knee, Thighbone, Hamstring, Buttox, Anus, Tail Bone, Sacrum, Hips, Pelvic Girdle, Spinal Column, The Bone Elemental, The Brain, The Jaw, The Spinal Cord, The Nerve, The Vein, As the Indiginous people worship the elements of great mother earth and father sky between then is the great House of The Planet Human Being here the spirit, soul, emotional body, mental body, physical body, buddhic body, atmic body, ether body, memory body, karmic body, conciousness body, and others house the power and function uunique to The Forgotten Powers of the sacred elements of the Planet Human that in the inexpressible way in which it is connected with each and every other manfestaton of Gods great extension into the fields of form when the Planet Human reconnects and mends the torn connections with the jewel net ofthe Universe the Great and the Small come to the Human Being and as a member of the family of Cosmic Life The Human experiences the ability to call and recieve the totality of all that supports each planet and passing through connects with each and every other one bringing along these luminous lines and resevoirs the total informing and sustaining lessons and maps to reconnection expansion and he method of repairing that which has been disthroned that being the transparent element in which we exist and which because its powers have fallen from the thrones and towers of worship as the Gods and Planetary Powers they are the Knee is no longer worshipped and called as a god or sacred elemental but it is. The Blood is no longer called, The Skin. In this way humans drift out of orbit from the web of creation. Embracing our bodys as the condition of sacred essences that seperated out into different forign abstacts such as mind, body and soul, the planet looses the direct immediate communication between and active participation in immediate harmony to produce the perfect jem of Planet Human which like the Earth is an Oasis and must have all of th elements working together for one and the same purpose, that of survival and concentrated connection with the informing element which organizes matter filled with the spirit of the life force into the oasis which we are, anything less than perfection will become a corpse like the moon, a lifeless rock. The Planet Human must learn to worship and call on the Gods of Its own Enviroment in order to survive. This can be learned from the Earth and the Heavens, But the Human Element must be called to survive. As fish do not see the water, man cnan no longer see his body or himself in proper relation with all things that are. By Redeifying the human elements we can reenter the pantheon of the jewel net of equality and share in the eternitys of all beings power, friendship, kinship, lessons, support, and aid, The Human Planet must restore the broken connections of its orb to all others else we shall drift away as we have watched the others do since the machines took away our sacred space to listen and learn. We have become domesticated and herded like barnyard animals, scared and shaking, signing papers and filling out forms for an apple or an asprin. The Planet Human once free and restored can inform and call for aid to places earth would never think, every orb that drifts out of orbit into the outer reched becomes a cold rock and caused gravitational wobble. Lifeforce is an eternity. We must not perish anymore. With what we are made of it is literally only a passing fad or fashion passed of as an inevitability to age and die but I have found the resources of gods plentitude within man and the seeds of unactivated processes which when activated by allowing god to remove the dark seed and turn it white then the man becomes a vessel and can plant his seed in the heart chamber and inviting the spiritual sun into the crown while firmle rooted into earth the seed of white relesed the heart to take over from the dominance of the brains dictatorship over the rest of the body. As I learn I find the ego mind of the seperate modern human to be an alien orientation to such a degree that only the skull and eyes are used. Until the dictator ego mind is trained to melt into the heart flame where the full substance and information resides to create for the Human Being an entirely new body the human will continue to die. When oriented with the Heart Flame as the Center of Experience then we shall be able to well up the necessary dormant substance and informing processes whereby little by little the Human Being is able to see the body doing strange thing automatically that it doesent even want to do and seeing this will find that the paterns of the ego mind have utter clenched control of our appendages all. The Brain is a god of the Human Planet as well but it has been filled so full and assaulted since schooling began and the rest of the body ignored that it has become injured and by allowing the waking conciousnes to rest into the Heart Center and allow the body to call and recieve from the grat resevoirs naturally available to it since beginingless time then the body allowed to vibrate in joy and extacy again calls to the universal family and is accepted without effort. These vibrations are natural and without thought, elemental one might say.