you've found the portal to the omegetron you always thought you deserved:
Anarchy for the witless dunderheap

Stricture for the master jargoneer

>>>>)))))))))) Arm your light (((((((((((((<<<<

(its your only remaining right)

the mouthpiece of the transistance: FusionRuhn, Berzerkomand

This is Old School Retooled: I just
And I’m from Cleveland, fool.
Anaconda assassin, Berzerkomand and if you ever were my rival now you’re buried in sand
I pass judgment
Like it was platters of ham
Back from the underground to take back my land
RuhnKult collateral obliteration
The new Zen

Shipping reports for all fleet provided by mercurial psychosis. Words and ideas by Mathias Amer. Beatdowns by dsame. Higher strata of consciousness provided by the Automatic Scimitar-- on the radio- every station whenever you need to scream into a light bulb. Welcome to the proud home of the new electron=FusionRuhn...disturbing the Universe since 1976.--

Angel from the Sun through a glass brightly


Borg electric prism with Faraday cage and crystalline augmentation
Not pictured: cannon attatchments


FusionRuhnMinorPhaserBurnsLuciender, above ground

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