Star Trek is the eleventh movie in the Gene Roddenberry canon about the future of humanity and it tells the story of the Original Series crew as they begin aboard the Enterprise. Taking place at the launch of the Enterprise under Christopher Pike, it alters Star Trek Universe and in fact sets up an alternate timeline as the characters are given a new beginning.

Leonard Nimoy reprises his role as Spock and appears from the future. This is a continuation of a plot thread visited in Star Trek the Next Generation called Unification, a two-part episode inwhich Spock, a Federation ambassador goes covertly to the planet Romulus where he attempts to faciliate a re-unification of Romulus and Vulcan.

Unification ends with Spock recieving a mind-meld from Captain Picard, transmiting Spock's estranged father Sarek to him-- in the new movie the Spock from the future melds with the past Kirk, and Sarek is one of the few survivors from Vulcan which is destroyed along with Romulus by Nero. The Romulans diverged from the Vulcans and represent the race unaltered by the species-wide transformation that took place 1800 years prior to first contact between Earth and Vulcan. This transformation was a conversion of Vulcan psyche to the tenets of Logic with the coming of Surok, prior to which Vulcans were savage and war-like. Spock goes to Romulus against his father's wishes and remains there to aid a Romulan underground working for Unification with Vulcan. This is why he is on Romulus in the future; the encounter of Romulus and Vulcan ulmitately leads to the anhilation of both worlds.

This Logical revolution was not fully realized until the Kir Shara, an artifact from Surok's time which created a telepathic and informational link to his teachings. It was discovered and delivered on Vulcan by Enterprise Captain Jonathan Archer and intervening in an attempt to stop him and the Suranites was a time-traveling faction of the Romulans, attempting their own version of Unification.

The Vulcan High Command, a reactionary controlling element to Vulcan acts in opposition to the union which forms the basis of the Federation-- the alliance of Vulcan, Andoria and the Earth along with other species in the vicinity. The High Command is dissolved following the failure of their efforts to renew hostilities with the Andorians and the alliance of Earth and Vulcans assumes a more enabling form than that which prevailed since they make first contact with Earth; a condescending and manipulative role in which the Vulcans try to retard the progress of Starfleet and human technology. The NX-01 Enterprise leads efforts to stop the war between the Adorians and Vulcans and this cooperation is the basis for the Federation (Ent: "United"), the Federation worlds separated from Romulan Star Empire territory by a Neutral Zone. This hostility is not reconsiled until after the events of Star Trek X(10), Nemesis, wherein the Romulans are taken over by the Remans in the person of a clone of Picard and the Enterpise E along with Romulan ships stop the Scimitar from destroying Earth.

In the new movie the pinnacle of this technology is realized as Spock, present on Romulus attempts to avert a star super- nova explosion from destroying Romulus. He is not successful (possibly due to interference from the same elements which were at work in the old Vulcan High Command) and the destruction of Romulus is witnessed by Nero, a Romulan mining freighter captain and he blames Spock and the Federation for the destruction of his homeworld. Spock's ship and Nero's ship enter a black hole formed by the nova and the interaction with Red matter, a heretofore un-discussed element which has some chemical effect on black holes which Spock's ship carries. Nero captures Spock's ship and takes Spock to a frozen world near Vulcan to leave him to witness the destruction of Vulcan-- as he had his own world. There Spock encounters James T. Kirk, who is marooned there by Spock as Captain of the Enterprise for insubordination-- in the course of the Enterprise's first mission to render aid to Vulcan from a natural disaster which was actually caused by Nero creating a black hole at the core of Vulcan. Romulan Warbird
When Nero's ship emerges in the past, he targets the Federation of that era and destroys the USS Kelvin which is commanded by George Kirk after Nero kills the Kelvin's captain. Kirk saves the escaping shuttles from the Kelvin and pilots in to a suicide collision with Nero's ship. James Kirk thus grows up without his father. The self-sacrifice of George Kirk also inspires Pike who writes his dissertation on the Kelvin's last stand. He recruits the miscreant youth, Jim Kirk after Kirk is laid out in a brawl in a bar in his Iowa town by Starfleet cadets on furlow (and a failed attempt to gain the affections of Uhura, who it turns out is very much involved with Spock).

"Your father was captain of a starhip for 12 minutes and he saved 800 lives, including yours and your mother's. I dare you to do better." Kirk accepts Pike's challenge and enlists in StarFleet the next day. Dr. McCoy joins StarFleet reluctantly after his divorce "I've got no where left to go-- the wife took the whole planet in the divorce. Al I've got left are my bones".

After Kirk is disiplined for cheating on the Kobiyashi Maru test by rewriting the simulation program, he is barred from going into service on a Starship and McCoy intervenes, smuggling him on board by injecting Kirk with a disease and claiming himself as the attending physician.

The Enterprise is dispatched to Vulcan and en route Kirk realizes they are flying into the same trap that the destroyed the Kelvin. This, along with a delay caused by the young helmsman Sulu's brief miscue in bringing the Enterprise into warp, initially spares the Enterprise from destruction at Vulcan by Nero, as they raise the shields in time. Pike leaves Spock in charge and promotes Kirk to first officer as he leaves the Enterprise to meet Nero. Spock rescues the Council of Elders, but loses his human mother. The Elders have the ability to reconstruct Vulcan society from their nucleus of knowledge and so although Vulcan along with most of its population is destroyed, the Vulcan people are able to continue, and actually it gives Sarek and Spock a chance to right their relationship, along with the meld experience of Kirk with Spock Prime.
Spock determines to rendevous with the rest of Star Fleet but Kirk urges a direct interception of Nero as the only alternative. Spock thus ejects Kirk from the ship onto the frozen world near Vulcan. There after encountering Spock Prime they head to the Star Fleet outpost on the planet and find Mongomery Scot banished there after (temporarily) losing Admiral Archer's beagle in a transporter experiment. Scot realizes the dream of every thoretical physicist-- he recieves the equation from Spock for trans-warp teleportation and thus gains the knowledge he would discover in the future as a young practicing Engineer. This affords Kirk and Scot a return to StarFleet as they transport aboard the Enterprise at warp. Spock's rage becomes apparent as he violently confronts Kirk and he submits himself to McCoy to be relieved of his duties as acting Captain. Thus Kirk becomes the Captain of the Enterprise and after rescuing Pike and stopping Nero from destroying Earth, the position becomes permanent.

The movie sets in motion a new set of circumstances from which the rest of the history of the future in Star Trek is subject to any number of changes. The planet Vulcan is destroyed and a black hole is created as Spock pilots his ship from the future into Nero's Ship to ignite the Red Matter. Kirk and crew have a different beginning together and Spock Prime from the future remains in the past. His influence on the timeline begin by urging his young self to remain in Star Fleet.

The new beginning will not alter the premise of Star Trek which is the extrapolation of the history of Humanity in the greater Universe.


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