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Berzerkomandor said...

The gay hegemony must not engage chess. This is an attempt at templating humans. It glorifies the superficial. In the old chess server for example, there were simple icons of different faces, and not all were human. I could be my blue devil, and there was a green face with antenae.

Why imagine yourself as a person? A person wearing clothes? There is no new blue devil but after much plumbing of the stock art I was able to make myself riding a snow mobile in scuba gear on a cavalry field. Most people end up with images that eminate the bizarre normality packaged as avatars.

I don't have a cell phone. Don't want one. The culture of truncated thought pervaded by this and other instruments of false community are distorting the senses and deluding people into mortgaging their minds on miniturized styrofoam.

Concessions have had to be made to diffuse rebellion in people, like holidays off work and the G. I. Bill. The generation that opted not to rebel was given these pieces of tinsel to live in and simulate connectedness, cell phones. The real potential inside humans is what they are steering everyone away from seeing. Why does Amercian Idol even exist? Kids in school are kept modulated and youth made devoid of imagination. "Well I want a subcutaneuos microchip in me so if I'm kidnapped they could identify me." This is the reasoning farmed in youths whose souls have been kidnapped. The rationale has been cultivated to normalize levels and modes of security controlling more aspects of life. The new generations have lived in this matrix their whole lives and notice nothing. Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us, kids, from the bottom of my heart!